“Peace summit” may be held in the format of the UNGA session, said the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: “Peace summit” may be held in the format of the UNGA session

The forthcoming “peace summit” announced by the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey may be held at the General Assembly on the anniversary of the start of a special military operation, according to First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova.

Asked by reporters whether the UN secretary general is expected to attend the “peace summit,” Dzhaparova said: “We are discussing the modalities of the summit at the moment. It’s still a matter of coordination with partners.

“We are now thinking and proposing to our president the modality of an event dedicated to the “peace formula” (“peace plan” of Vladimir Zelensky’s ten-point plan – ed.). We are talking about a summit dedicated to the “peace formula”. This will be either a debate in the General Assembly under the agenda item on the occupied territories, or a debate in an emergency special session. So that’s what we’re discussing,” she added.

Every year after the reunification of Crimea with Russia, a regular meeting of the General Assembly is held on February 23 under the agenda item “situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The second format mentioned by Japarova is an emergency special session of the General Assembly. Such events are convened within 24 hours from the moment the UN Secretary General receives the request to convene such a session from the Security Council and supported by the votes of any nine members of the Security Council.

Such a session may also be convened upon receipt of a request by the majority of the members of the United Nations, as expressed by a vote of the Intersessional Committee, or by a communication by the majority of the members of the organization agreeing to the request.

After the beginning of the UEE it was decided to convene the 11th extraordinary special session of the UNGA.

A UN source told RIA Novosti, “the idea of a peace summit is promoted by Ukraine among many others, but there are still many questions as to the form of the summit – and the final confirmation. In addition, he said, the UN Security Council is expected to meet on February 24 on the anniversary of the start of the UIA.

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